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UZGUMI – bio active magic of nature humic fertilizer of new generation




Liquid humic fertilizer UZGUMI it is a natural plant growth and development bio stimulant, madeon the basis of environmentally sound raw materials.

The unique technology of fertilizer UZGUMI production, based on the latest achievements of science, provide to extract and save full range of biologically active substances created by nature itself: humic and fulvic acids, macro-and micronutrients in the form of bioavailable organic compounds useful micro flora. Due to the high content of these components, the fertilizer has a unique biological activity and a broad spectrum of action.

Biologic properties of fertilizer UZGUMI

Increase the productivity various crops from 10-20% (cereals, cotton) till 30-50% or more (vegetables, melons);

Reduce the application rate of agrochemicals, including ammonium nitrate, to 20-30%;

Increase the efficiency of the use of pesticides, removing the "chemical stress" on their influence on plants

Increase plant resistance to diseases and adverse environmental conditions (drought, excessive moisture, frost, etc.);

Increase the quality of products, increasing its content of vitamins, sugars, fats, proteins, etc.;

accelerate the ripening of the crop to 5-8 days

improve soil fertility and water-holding possibility;

to bind to soil residues of pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins that prevents them from entering to the plants, groundwater and atmosphere

Advantages over other preparations UZGUMI:

a unique composition: humic and fulvic acids, macro-and micronutrients, amino acids, carbohydrates, carboxylic acids, useful micro-organisms;

high content of basic active substances (humic and fulvic acids) - 20-30 g / l, more than 2 times higher than their content in other humic substances

prolonged action - from the moment of seed germination to the ripening crop, which is very important in

Economic efficiency of fertilizers UZGUMI significantly higher compared with other preparations analogical, as the price and the cost of its use is much lower UZGUMI fertilizer can be used with other drugs of plant protection.

Efficiency of using UZGUMI has been proven for several years in many farms and specialized scientific - research institutes.