The paradise delicacy - the Uzbek melons arises on the farmland of "TBS AGRO TRADE" company

The paradise delicacy - the Uzbek melons arises on the farmland of "TBS AGRO TRADE" company

Do you enjoy melons as the Supreme governors of the East, enjoyed it beginning from the ancient times? Central Asian people says: "The melon makes cheeks ruddy, teeth strong, hair silky, and eyes young!"

The history of cultivation of melons within the territory of modern Uzbekistan is estimated not in one hundred years. It was testified by both written sources, as well as archeological excavations of the ancient settlement of Toprak-kala (I-IV century AD). It is for certain known that melons were already exported to China, Iran and India during those ancient times.

Climatic conditions of the Sardoba region of the Syr-Darya province where the farmland of the TBS AGRO TRADE company is located, are ideally suited for cultivation of these paradise fruits as still called a melon in the ancient time. And local climatic conditions gave an impetus for cultivation of "Torpedo”, the Uzbek grade of a melon, most popular in the world, strikingly different both on the appearance, and on tastes. Even little change of quantity of sunny days can lead to a crop failure therefore a work on cultivation of this grade of this melon culture doesn't stop up to present day. Today in Uzbekistan more than 160 grades of melons are grown up.

During the current year, “TBS AGRO TRADE” company plans to collect and process more than 2000 thousand tons of a melon of a grade "Torpedo" that on more than a level of last year. In this regard, the company carries out agro-technical works on landing of melon seedling to the area of 80 hectares – under a plastic-cover and, respectively 100 hectares - on an open ground.

Implementation of the tasks became possible because the available long-term experiment on cultivation of a melon, and as well as internal capacity of the company.

Thus, the Company –  “TBS AGRO TRADE” company-exporter, has honor to offer the potential clients direct deliveries of a melon "Torpedo" from Uzbekistan with the following characteristics: The mass of a fruit is 2,5 - 7.0 kg, the size of a fruit is 35 - 70 cm, to the discretion of the customer, the content of sugars 12 - 17% (sweet).

Beginning of delivery - June, 15-20.

Packing: firm cardboard boxes from 5 layer corrugations, an external and inside layer it is made of the Swedish water-repellent cardboard (water-proof).

Terms of payment: 100% advance payment.

Minimum order volume: 1 refrigerator-truck or 19 tonnes.

We carry out deliveries on the direct contract with an importer.

All necessary certificates such as, hygienic and phytosanitary certificate, the compliance and origin certificate can be issued accordingly. The Company is granted with the right for export of agricultural products in accordance with the protocol of the Cabinet of Ministers approved by the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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