Sweet cherry – "The Queen of fruit" in gardens of "TBS GROUP" company

Sweet cherry – "The Queen of fruit" in gardens of "TBS GROUP" company

There is no exact data about time of introduction of sweet cherry to cultivation. There is no doubt, the first written message on sweet cherry was made by the Greek writer Teofrast, living in the IV century B.C. 100 years, later on a sweet cherry is mentioned already as a fruit-tree. The doctor Difilyus Sifnius living in the III century B.C.; writes that cerasia has good juice which is used as medicine at a stomach inflammation, and red sweet cherries it is better black. Dioskorid wrote about sweet cherry in the I-st century of our era.

There are a lot of sugars in sweet cherries, they are presented mainly by glucose, to a lesser extent fructose. Berries contain acids: apple, lemon, amber and others, are carotene, PP, C, B1, B2, E vitamins, a significant amount of salts of iron, it is a lot of phosphorus, calcium. Caloric content of 100 g of sweet cherry makes 47.8 kcal.  Sweet cherry berries include much more carbohydrates than cherry ones.

Climatic conditions of the Kibray district of the Tashkent province are very favorable for fruit-and-vegetable growing and wine growing. Now, more than 700 farms are functioning in these directions. At their order, there are more than 9 thousand hectares of the lands. Last year these farms grew up 50 thousand tons of grapes and 15 thousand tons of fruit.

During this period, gardeners of the Tashkent province traditionally survey fruit plantings, including sweet cherry to find out how they had a cold season. This time, the percent of damage on different grades of sweet cherry on squares of a pilot farm of the company made from 0 to 15 percent – an indicator at the level of natural selection which won't affect an overall picture of future harvest.

At this stage, specialists landowners carry out cutting of trees, and also single processing from diseases and wreckers. Thus they prepare gardens for blossoming and already by results of blossoming the forecast of productivity of gardens will be obvious. The company plans to organize by the most modest estimation harvesting of sweet cherry about 250-300 tons. Thus, the harvest will be presented the most demanded on foreign the markets by grades – "Gross" ("Ox-eye") and "California the grandee".

"TBS GROUP" is engaged in production, import and export of production to the European Union countries, the CIS of the Middle and Far East. Own production allows to keep goods prices at the competitive stage.

In this regard, we have started a reception of real purchase orders for fresh Gross sweet cherry ("Ox-eye") from Uzbekistan.

Fresh sweet cherry are checked during harvesting and at stages of loading and unloading, thus production the TBS GROUP company under the control for high level of production.

Packing: wooden boxes on 10, 8 kg and 5 kg a brand gofro-boxes of "TBS GROUP"

Before sending the production is sorted, calibrated and is exactly packed into the boxes .

Terms of payment: 100% advance payment. Minimum order volume: 1 refregirator-truck or 18 tonnes on an avia-delivery about 2-3 tonnes to any point of the CIS and abroad.



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