Uzbek melons are one of the best in the world. This is one of the favorite food stuffs of the Uzbek population. Melons are rich in glucose, vitamins which increase the vitality of man. Melons are used in fresh, are cooked jam, in summer - dry the pulp.


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Melons are a favorite sweet dish for dinner, and in the evening, after a long hot day, it is used as a remedy for fatigue and thirst.


This crop is originated more than two thousand years. The Arabs argue that the melon is the fruit of paradise gardens - delivered to earth one of the angels, having made this horrible crime before God, for which he was expelled from Paradise. Melon - one of the oldest vegetables, in the ruins of the Khazar cities Sarkel in Tutankhamun's tomb were found the seeds of melons and cucumbers. Melon belongs to the family Cucurbitaceae annuals, herbaceous plants. Sugar content in it is from 5% to 18%.


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